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Pneumonia Contagiousness Causes Treatment Webmd , Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be mild or so severe that you have to go to the hospital It happens if an infection causes the air sacs of the lungs doctors call these “alveoli” to .

Pneumonia Wikipedia , Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung affecting primarily the small air sacs known as alveoli. Typically symptoms include some combination of productive or dry cough, chest pain, fever, and trouble breathing. Severity is variable. Pneumonia is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria and less commonly by other microorganisms, certain medications and conditions such as .

Pneumonia Symptoms And Causes Mayo Clinic , Pneumonia Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this serious lung infection..

Pneumonia Symptoms Warning Signs , Ah, winter. Holidays. Snow days. Sledding and skiing. Coughing, hacking, and wheezing.Winter bugs can make you wonder if you’ve got a cold, flu, or pneumonia.Your symptoms can provide a clue..

Pneumonia Pneumonia Symptoms Signs Of Pneumonia , Pneumonia is an infection in one or both of the lungs. Many germs, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, can cause pneumonia. You can also get pneumonia by inhaling a liquid or chemical..

What Is Pneumonia Symptoms Vaccine Treatment , Bacteria, viruses, or fungi may cause pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs. Read about pneumonia symptoms, treatment, and vaccines. Viral, bacterial, and fungal pneumonia are contagious. Sometimes symptoms are not severe at first leading to.

Pneumonia Types Symptoms And Treatment Healthline , Pneumonia is an infection in one or both lungs. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Bacterial pneumonia is the most common type in adults. Pneumonia causes inflammation in the air .

Pneumonia American Lung Association , Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a common lung infection caused by germs, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can be a complication of the flu, but other viruses, bacteria and even fungi can cause pneumonia.Anyone can get pneumonia, but some people are more at risk than others..

Pneumonia Diagnosis And Treatment Mayo Clinic , Pneumonia Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this serious lung infection..

Pneumonia Symptoms Causes And Risk Factors , Pneumonia is often a complication of a respiratory infection, especially the flu. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe, depending on the type of pneumonia. Common symptoms are cough, fever and chills. Older adults, children and people with chronic disease, including COPD and asthma, are at high risk for pneumonia..

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